Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sydney's newborn pictures

My wonderful friend Megan took more pictures for us.  She's an amazing photographer and we had so much fun deciding how to make these pictures super cute.  She came with all sorts of hats and things for Sydney's hair (she said she had been collecting them since she found out I was pregnant). :)  Of course, she did an amazing job.  Here are just a few of the many pictures she took.  I think I'm going to take the words from my mom and call this collection of pictures, "The many faces of Sydney"...she sure has some cute ones. :)

Don't you just love all those wrinkles?!?!

Aren't they beautiful??  I couldn't have asked for better pictures.  She has finally started her own business and also has a blog that I follow.  If you want to check it out, click here.  

She asked me if we would want to do a series of pictures for Sydney showing her growing in her first year.  We will be doing 3 or 4 more sessions with Megan between now and Sydney's first birthday.  It's going to be so much fun to compare the pictures and see how she grows!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


When Landon was a baby we had his name up on his wall and would point to it and spell his name for him.  As he got older, we started pointing to the letters on paper and he would follow along.  He eventually got to where he would point to each letter and run his finger along them when he was done and then point to himself, as we would say, "L-A-N-D-O-N...Landon, that's me."  Now, Landon is so smart he can spell his name (although we're still teaching him how to say "N")!!  Check it out!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy winter days

The weather has been pretty cold this winter...bitterly cold.  We've been staying inside a lot to try and stay out of it.  There were many days where the temperature was in the single digits with wind chills below fun.  Since the groundhog saw his shadow, we've been holding him to his word and waiting for our warmer weather.  Thankfully, he delivered!  The weather has warmed up so much that all of the snow we had is gone!!!  YIPPY!!!  Snow is so depressing, so I'm glad I don't have to look at white anymore and that I can finally start looking forward to spring and some warmer weather.

Here are some pictures that we've taken over the past couple weeks of being inside and acting lazy. :)

Landon's spikey bed head :)

Sydney telling us that she's #1 :)

Sydney is doing so good with hold up her head and she's really taking to tummy time

Landon waving at me while I take his picture

Landon's attempt to "kiss" his sister

Cute little Sydney chillin'

I love the cute little wrinkles on her forehead

Daddy cuddling his little girl

Sydney's mad cause I'm taking her picture instead of picking her up. :)

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for some warmer days.  I'm so ready!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The big 1 month!!

Little Sydney is one month old today.  It has been four weeks since this sweet little thing has come into our lives. Things have been crazy since she got here, but I can't really remember life without her already.

We've learned that Sydney likes to cuddle and sleep, but she also likes to eat...a lot!  She's still eating about every two hours, three if I'm lucky.  I get up at least three times at night to feed her and put her back to bed.  I'm hoping that will start to space out more now since she's getting older.  She's gaining weight slowly (the other day she weighed in at 7lbs. 8oz), but if it weren't for all the crying she does I bet she would be bigger.  She is definitely a crier if you aren't moving fast enough for her.  I think she might have a little bit of colic or acid reflux...I can't tell which yet.  If she does get fussy, she likes to hear the sound of the washer or dryer or even the sound of the water from the faucet.  She doesn't like the binky (pacifier) and if I give it to her she furrows her eyebrows and spits it out at me.  She also doesn't like the cold wipes when you change her makes her really mad!

How dare I try and take her picture instead of picking her up!

Sleepy Syd

We're waiting to hear from the Air Force as to if we can take Sydney to see Dr. LaCroix instead of seeing a pediatrician on base.  Keep your fingers crossed that we hear from them soon and they have good news for us.  It would be nice to not have to take them to seperate doctors.  I'm not a huge fan of base doctors and I've heard some pretty crazy stories from people that have had to take their kids there.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A new routine

Besides being sleep deprived, I've been holding up pretty well.  We've all been getting used to the new person in our house that has turned our overly scheduled lives upside-down.  We don't really have a routine with Sydney yet, which is really to be expected.  She eats and sleeps on her own schedule and has been keeping me super busy trying to keep up with her schedule and trying to handle all the other things I need to be doing.  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it when Braydon goes back to work.  Possibly not shower for a week?? haha!!  

Landon has been very good with adjusting to everything.  I think Braydon is helping a lot with the transition.  Since I'm with Sydney most of the time, Braydon and Landon have been spending a lot of time together.  Landon loves his dad and thinks he hung the moon, so it makes it easier for me to concentrate on Sydney.  I do miss getting to hang out with Landon with no interruptions, but Braydon tells me that he wishes he could do more with Sydney than he does.  I guess the grass is always greener, huh?

I went to see my doctor last week for my two week postpartum appointment.  Everything was fine and Braydon was happy that she gave the ok for me to drive.  He's was tired of being the chauffeur. :)  I took a quick picture of Sydney with Dr. NewMyer.

We also took Sydney in for her first well-baby checkup.  Dr. LaCroix said she looks perfect.  :)  Nothing to worry about??  Really??  Wow!!  What a change!  She weighed in at 7lbs but Dr. LaCroix said it was normal for her to lose a little weight at first.  She said that by her two week checkup she should be making her way back to her birth weight.  When we took Landon in for his appointment the other day we weighed her again and she was at 7lbs. 5oz.  So in less than a week she's half way there!  That made me pretty excited!!  I was needing that reassurance since I'm breastfeeding and when we weighed her and she had lost so much it made me worry.  I will worry no longer. :)

Other than that, we've just been hanging out at the house being sleepy, but never having time to sleep. :)  If I could only have one night...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Landon's so smart

We ended up going back to Dr. LaCroix on Wednesday for a follow-up appointment for Landon.  She wanted to keep an eye on Landon while she still felt some hardness in his cheek.  We are happy to report that the antibiotic she gave us has worked wonders and the hardness is almost completely gone!! :)  Yippy!!!  She told us that she doesn't need to see him again unless it gets worse.  We were so happy to hear that although I think Landon liked going to visit Dr. LaCroix. :)

I put up this video of Landon.  He's spelling out JCPenney, but he pronounces all the letters sounds instead of saying what the letters are.  If you listen really close you can hear it.  He says the "C" with a little click noise in case you are wondering.  :)

Landon has been doing great with school.  He's so smart and knows all of his letters.  Some of them he can say and some he just makes the noise for.  He's been writing some of his letters too.  He's learned how to write L, A, T, I, H, C, and O.  He can apparently write his name at school without help although he's never done it for me...of course. :)  He knows his numbers 1-10 and most of the numbers from 1-100.  He likes to play dumb and will point to the wrong one on purpose...funny kid.  He's the only one in his class that knows all of the letters.  His teacher shows the class a sentence every day at circle time and leaves out some of the letters.  The kids are supposed to figure out the letter that is missing and Landon always seems to know the answers.  He will tell the other kids when they are wrong by shaking his head at them. :)  He's kind of a know-it-all isn't he?? ;)

Friday, February 4, 2011

An uncanny resemblance

I do what every new mom does with their baby.  I look at her and try to figure out how she resembles Braydon and me.  I know she has Braydon's long toes.  I'm pretty sure she has Braydon's eyes.  But other than that, I'm pretty sure that's all that Sydney got from her dad.  Everything else is me.  I remembered seeing a baby picture of me around 3 months or so where I look like Sydney....or really she looks like me.  

I asked my mom to email me some pictures from when I was a baby so I could confirm my suspicions.  Here is what she sent me:

A picture of me with my mom in the hospital

Now here is a picture of Sydney:

Can you see it??  It freaked me out when I saw the picture of myself in the email my mom sent me.  I know I would probably see it more because I see her in person, but everyone that I've shown sees it too, so I know I'm not crazy.  :)  

Now she's going to have the same fate I did.  Everyone used to tell me when i was younger that I looked just like my mom (and they still do), so now she's going to have that happen to her...poor thing. ;) hehe

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy 30th my love!!!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday.  I just wanted to wish him a happy 30th birthday and tell him how wonderful he is!!!

You make me the happiest woman in the world.  I couldn't imagine my life without you.  You are a wonderful husband, father, and soul mate.  I love you soooo much!!!!!!!