Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some good news!

Today we went for our weekly visit to see Chelli. We were chatting about how well Landon has been progressing over the past couple of weeks. She's been working on eating skills with him, like biting. We've eaten some pretzel sticks and today we worked with cheetos. Landon really liked them and eventually Chelli had to hide them so we could move on. :) We've been working on puzzles, coloring and strengthening Landon's hands with putting clips onto things. We've also been tackling self-help skills like taking a jacket off and on. He's starting to get it, but still needs some help. Overall, he's doing really well and seems to catch onto things very quickly. Lots of things to practice working on.

Saying that, Chelli suggested today that she might have Landon take the summer off from visiting her and then just see him once a MONTH in the fall! Since Landon will start going to half-a-day preschool in the fall, she doesn't think she will need to see him as often because of the things the teachers will be working on with him. He will also have an OT in the classroom that will help teach him. She said that she was going to test him on the things he is "supposed" to know to get an idea of where he is for his age, and we will go from there. If his scores are where they need to be, we will be semi-graduating from OT!!! Woo Hoo!! How exciting!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sharing cute pictures

Hi everyone! There hasn't been a whole lot going on here. We've had some rainy and stormy weather the past few days, so we've just been hanging out in the house. I took some cute pictures of Landon and wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

Landon was eating lunch and wanted to put a sticker in his hair...He thought it was funny. :)

One afternoon we decided to play with some playdoh. We cut out circles and he really liked that. Then he spent some time trying to eat it. It was the longest he's ever played with playdoh...maybe a whole 20 minutes. :)

Well, have a good rest of the weekend! I hope everyone is staying healthy! Try not to let the pollen get to ya! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Over the last few days...

Landon's doing so well this week. Last week when we saw Ashley, he was quick to show off his new skill of saying his "B" sound. That's all he really wanted to say. So, Ashley worked with it (which I love about her), and helped him to try to transition from one sound to another by saying short 2-word statements. He was doing really well with it and Ashley was happy to see that he had mastered the "B" sound.

On Saturday, we went over to our friend, Megan's, for a BBQ. There were a ton of other kids there for Landon to play with and watch. He did well joining in with the other kids chasing Megan's cat, Link. I was glad to see him want to join the other kids to play. He had fun and we did too.

On Monday, Braydon, Chuck and I went and bought two trees for our yard. We got an "October Glory" maple (the picture is in a post below) for the backyard. It will give us lots of shade when it gets bigger. We decided on a "White Flowering" Dogwood for the front yard. I didn't want to get anything too big or too stinky (like a Bradford Pear). I was reading up on them and they will have white flowers in the spring, green leaves in the summer, orange-red leaves in the fall, and then produce small berries for the birds to eat in late fall early winter. It's a cute little thing right now, but I have a picture of what it will eventually look like:

I'll take pictures sometime soon and post them.

We went to see Penny today and had a fun time trying to keep Landon from having a meltdown....I love this age. UGH!! He started out happy crawling through tunnels and under chairs. When she put that away, it all went downhill. She was trying to get him to walk up a couple of little stairs to play in front of a light wall that you could draw on with crayons....he didn't want to have anything to do with it. He had a complete meltdown. I have no idea what got him so worked up, but he cried and cried and cried some more. It was like we were cuttin' off his legs! I thought the light wall was cool...I wanted to play with it! :) I would like something like that though. :) In the end, we got him calmed down and he took a long nap from all that crying.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What can Landon do??

Our days have been filled with sunshine the past few days. We've been trying to take advantage of it by taking Landon outside to enjoy the sunshine. He doesn't seem to want to go outside, but once you get him out there he doesn't want to come back in! We've been taking walks in the stroller and by foot, drawing with sidewalk chalk, "painting" with water on the driveway, and have just been moseying around checking out the scenery. We've even gotten to where we don't mind the grass! It's shocking...I know. Tonight was pretty windy, but we went outside and had a "picnic" in the garage on our deck furniture and Landon enjoyed himself.

We went to get Landon weighed today. He's now at 31 lbs. 11 oz. I'm pretty sure the last time he was weighed, a month ago, he was 31 lbs. 14 oz. We've also had the ear infection within that time where he wasn't really eating anything for almost a week or so. Since then, he's gotten his appetite back. The nurse didn't seem too worried about a couple of ounces, and I'm pretty sure that Landon will gain all of that back and then some by the next time we go there.

We also went to see Penny today and worked on riding a tricycle. We've been working on trying to get him to push the pedals, but he doesn't have much interest in that. He just likes to look at the scenery as we pull him along. Penny says that she isn't too worried about him not doing it yet cause she won't consider him lagging on that skill till he's over the age of three....phew!! Thank goodness! We're just excited that he likes to get on it. He didn't even like sitting on it a few months ago.

Landon has gained a number of skills in the past few weeks. He's been doing pretty good going up the stairs with someone holding one of his hands. He uses the wall or the banister to help himself up and your hand just for stability. I don't even have to help pull him up onto the next step, he's doing that on his own. He's walking in the grass, like I was saying. He gets a little wobbly at times, but has learned to correct himself. He's also walking in our garage and out to the driveway which goes into a slight slope. Normally, he would get wobbly and possibly fall, but he's learned how to handle that on his own too.

Landon's also learned quite a bit as far as his speech goes the past week or two. He's learned how to say off and on (in sign language), hurt (also in sign language), and he's been finding ways to communicate what he means to us. He's also catching on to what Ashley has been working on with him. It's pretty much like playing a constant game of charades. :) He's starting to use his hand to make a "B" sound, by pushing his bottom lip up to create some closure with his top lip. He's been walking around saying, "ba-ba-ba". It's nice to see him catch onto that. Ashley also worked on counting with Landon. He plays with little plastic bears with her that are different colors. Each bear has a corresponding cup. Ashley was counting out the cups in front of Landon and she would pause to see if he would do the next number. He kept saying something similar to what the vowel sound would be for each number! We were pretty impressed! He makes me so proud! Every week I feel like he does something new that he wasn't doing before. He's turned into such a fun, loving little man! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well, we've had a busy week!! We started out the week going to the Omaha Children's Museum for their "Carefree Kids" night. We've gone to this before, but in case you don't know, it's for families with children that have compromised immune systems. They are closed every Monday for a thorough cleaning. Quarterly, they have these events for children that wouldn't be able to go under normal circumstances. It just creates a safe environment for the parents to bring them. Anyways, we took tons of pictures and Landon had so much fun! Here are some photos of our adventures that night:

This is one of the first things you see when you go into the's a wall of "hellos" and "goodbyes" in several different languages (even dog). :) For a child like Landon, this is a button-mashing dream! He really likes to mash buttons. :)

Landon's been really into fish and especially whales recently. We found this whale on one of the statues, and had to take a picture by it.

Above is a picture of more button mashing by Landon on their "light piano". You can't see it from this picture, but there is a large screen above him with different colored circles that light up when he pushes the button. He really likes this one too. Below, Landon is taking a moment to smell the flowers at the little house. He even took a picture with me on the little couch. After that, he played with the gears with dad.

Landon also has a thing for elevators. He's always found them interesting. He was pretty happy that he got to push the button to go upstairs and see the construction exhibit.

Landon is planning out his dream house...and below, he's going to get the tools he needs to build it:

Sorry Dad! I didn't mean to get you in the eye!

Going through the obstacle course...through the tunnel and across the balance beam (with a little help from Dad).

Last, but certainly not least, we got to play with the water fountain. Landon thought it was really funny to splash and gave himself a bird bath! We left with his sleeves and the front of his shirt soaking wet...but all that matters is that he had fun! ;)

The day after we went to the museum, Landon started getting kind of whiny and he started to not want to eat. Braydon also came down with some sort of bug where he lost his voice and sounded like the guy that does movie previews with the really deep voice. He thought it would be fun to prank call his parent's house and pretend to be the movie guy on the other end. He got his sister so good that she hung up on him cause she didn't recognize his voice! :)

Anyways, so both of my boys were sick. I ended up taking Landon to see the doctor cause he was telling us that his ear hurt and I was concerned. He would pull away from you and/or cry if you tried to touch it. It ended up that Landon had the start of an ear infection. The doctor (who wasn't our normal doc) put him on medicine and gave us some ear drops for pain. Ever since he's been on the medicine, Landon's been great. Braydon on the other hand is still fighting off whatever he has. He went to the doctor and she said it was some sort of virus and she couldn't really do anything for him but give him something to help him sleep. I was hoping not to get sick...

Lucky me...I did. I started to feel it on Friday and then Saturday I could barely get out of bed. I'm not sure if I caught what Braydon has, but I already have my voice back and Braydon doesn't. Plus, I can feel mine in my sinuses...maybe it's allergies.

So, all in all, we've had an exciting weekend. We were supposed to have company over tonight for Easter dinner, but cancelled yesterday cause we didn't want to get the babies sick...just in case.

I woke up feeling much better this morning, so we were able to have a fun Easter. Landon loves all of his new Easter toys. The Easter bunny brought him a soccer ball to kick around outside and he's already tried it out in the house. :) We dyed easter eggs this morning (I know...last minute), and Landon wanted to shove his hand in the I let him. :) He enjoyed himself. We did a little Easter egg hunt in the house, and even took a picture with the cute bunny ears my mom sent him...they didn't last very long after this:

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!! The weather is starting to get nice, and Braydon and I are eager for Joe to come out and help us build our deck next month. We're just hoping it doesn't rain while he's here. We're also going to start getting some landscaping done sometime soon. I'll post pictures when that happens. We are obligated to get two trees for the yard and I've decided that I think I want a red maple for the backyard, but I'm not sure what to get for the front. I'm looking for any ideas....PLEASE! :) I don't want anything too big, or that's super stinky. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment. I'm at a loss. I found a picture of a red maple for you to see. I think it will look nice in the fall because our house is tan, so it'll really stand out.

Anyways, hopefully we have a more relaxing upcoming week.