Sunday, November 27, 2011

Laundry baskets and hats

I found these pictures I had taken of Sydney earlier in the month.  I was doing some laundry when Sydney became pretty interested in the laundry basket. :)

Someone got really excited for a minute...

then got mad....

and decided to eat the basket. :)

Then she found Landon's hat from his Halloween costume and had some fun with that on her head. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bad blogger!!

I apologize for not having more posts up in the past month or so.  We, honestly, haven't had much going on.  Next month is going to be really busy for us, so we're trying to make the most of the down time.

I was trying to get a cute picture of Landon and Sydney together, but apparently Sydney had better things to do. :)

Landon's Lego boat :)

On December 1st, Landon will be going into Children's to have some dental work done and another broncoscopy done.  We'll get some information about what his airway looks like and how well he's grown since his tonsillectomy in June.  I think this will also prepare us for what may or may not happen during the sleep study on the 13th of December.  We'll see.  Please keep your fingers crossed and Landon in your thoughts and prayers.  He'll be admitted into the hospital to watch how well he sleeps with the trach capped.  If he passes with flying colors, Dr. Quinlan said it was safe to decannulate Landon (or take out the trach).  This makes me both excited and nervous all at the same time.  Not just because Landon has had this trach since he was a baby, but because I'm nervous about problems after it comes out.  What if Landon gets sick and his airway starts to close up?  I don't want him to have to be hospitalized every time he gets sick!  That would be horrible!

I've convinced myself that I will be talking to (the once cautious) Dr. Quinlan and see what changed his mind. I want to know if he has thought about these things and if they are even concerns to him.  Don't get me wrong, I want this trach out just as bad as anyone else, but I have to protect my 4 year old and to not jump the gun.  It would be so horrible if he got it out and then we had to have it put back in.  So, I will be letting everyone know how my talk goes with Dr. Quinlan.  He's notorious for changing his mind too, so we'll see.

Taking requests

I got a Facebook message from a very good friend and avid follower of Landon's blog.  She was having "Walsh family withdrawals".  This is a horrible thing to have and I have to help her!  So, Sydney, Landon and Braydon put this video together for you, Laura.  We love you!