Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm a little behind...

I've been so bad about updating this...sorry about that. Just a quick catch-up.

We had Landon's birthday party on the 10th. We set up a couple of kiddie pools in the backyard and put out every toy we could think of. I found a cute blow up soccer goal on sale at Toys-R-Us. It was a "monster" soccer goal with a "monster" ball. Landon loves the ball, but hasn't figured out that you are supposed to kick it in the net. :) We set that up, along with our pools and a tent for the grown-ups. Everyone had a fun time playing in the pools and eating cookie cake. I also found cute little cupcakes in the shape of hamburgers, that were super delicious. A bonus, they had chocolate frosting in the middle. Super yum! We opened gifts and Landon got so many new cars and toys. We were so thankful that so many of our friends took the time to come and celebrate with us!!!

My wonderful friend Megan took pictures for us at the party. She's so amazing at taking pictures...I think I'm going to have to start paying her. :) Anyways, I've posted the link to the shutterfly account that she posted the pictures on.
Megan's pictures Hopefully, it will work. If not, I've posted some that we took with our camera. They aren't as good as Megan's, but they give you the idea. :)

Landon dunking his head in the pool. He thought it was hilarious till he drank some of the water.

Eating yummy pizza at the picnic table.

Everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Landon. By the look on his face in the next picture, I think he liked it. :)

A family picture with Landon's cake.

Landon saying "thank you" for one of his gifts.

Since Landon's party, we've been having our weekly trips to Children's for therapy sessions. He's doing really great with physical therapy. We've been working on riding toys like tricycles and scooters. He does really well on the scooter. He just doesn't know how to push it himself yet. Penny said his balance was really nice on it though. We tried him on the tricycle and he's really getting the hang of it. He's been pedaling like a maniac around the hospital, but is lacking in the steering department. I don't think he knows he can control where he goes.

Ashley has been testing him in speech therapy to see how far along he's coming in expressing himself and what he understands from other people. We finished up the 3 session test this week and she gave me a ball park estimate as to where she thinks he will be. He of course understands WAY more than he can express, and she said that that will help qualify him to get an augmentative device to help him until he learns how to express himself. An augmentative device is basically a computer that is full of pictures that he can push to say words for him. He can use it to build sentences as he gets older. Ashley thinks it will really help him in school to express himself to his teacher and to his classmates.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Tonight we had a big milestone for Landon. The past few months we've been trying to slowly introduce the potty to Landon. I've always been told that you know when a child is ready to be potty trained when they can tell you they have gone potty or bring you a diaper to change them. Well, we were lucky enough to get a child that doesn't care if he is wet or poopy...lucky us. So, I've been going back and forth on whether or not I should even try training him until he cares.

We've introduced a potty chair that fits on the big boy potty, and he didn't ever want to sit on it...EVER!! I always asked him if he wanted to go sit on it, but he wouldn't go. We've tried books, letting him watch us go, telling him he would be a big boy, and now we've moved onto bribing him with stickers. :) He was pretty motivated by them and sat on the potty a few times to get his precious stickers...but then he didn't care again. So, I backed off for a few days and then started reintroducing the idea to him. I tried to tell him to let me know when he needed to go. He just recently started bringing me or Braydon a diaper, but he hates the laying down part of the changing process. If it's not one thing, it's another. :)

So, tonight we were eating dinner, and Landon looked like he needed to go #2. I asked him if he was and he told me yes. So I tried the "Do you want to go sit on the potty?" line. I've tried this line so many times I've gotten used to him saying no, but tonight he said yes!!! So, I took advantage of the situation and took him upstairs and plopped him on the potty. We sang a couple of songs to relax him and he actually went!!!!!! I was so proud of him!!! I know it's just the first time, but I thought this day would NEVER come!!

Hooray for my little man that is turning into a big boy!! YAY!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Landon!!!!!

My sweet little boy turned 3 today!!! Where does time go?

Three years ago, Braydon and I set out on a journey that would make us into better people and better parents. We've gone through so many obstacles with Landon, and have come out the other side as a stronger family. Landon is such a blessing to us, and I couldn't imagine life without my little Landon-bug.

Me and Landon, the day after he came home from the hospital...6 weeks old

Landon and Mommy - 6 months old

Daddy and Landon - 18 months old

Landon's first trip to see Santa

Our little family today

Thank you for all the birthday wishes from everyone, whether it was a phone call, a card, or even just a message on facebook. All are appreciated!!

We had fun opening presents this morning. Landon got a wagon from Nonna, and we got him a little artist's table that he can make pictures on. He went to town with the green marker...getting it pretty much anywhere the paper wasn't. ;) Thank goodness they are washable markers!

Opening Nonna's gift...he loved the fish card!

He noticed that his name was on the easel...he pointed it out to me!! He's so smart!

Mom, would you mind helping me open these? I want to color all over the easel...

His new truck "Stinky"'s a garbage truck.

A coloring book...colored pencils...what else is in this bag??

Landon and all his loot.

Landon got some money from Great-Grandpop to go shopping with, and our nurse Theresa gave him a gift card to Toys-R-Us. We headed over there for a shopping trip, since Landon likes to cruise the aisles and pick out stuff. He kept asking for cars, and found himself overwhelmed with all the choices! He finally made a decision on which ones he liked. We also found a Nemo fish that he LOVED and can go into the bath or the pool with him. He had to have that one opened in the car for the trip home. :) Thank you to Theresa and Great-Grandpop!!!

One of the few cars we got on our shopping trip...

We will be having Landon's birthday party on Saturday, which I'm excited about. Just keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain!!