Friday, April 19, 2013

Syd's first hair trim

I finally broke down and decided to get Syd's hair cut.  Not really cut, just a trim.  I guess I wasn't THAT brave. :)  I wanted her to still look little.  No bangs or anything just yet.  I'll save that for when she's older.

I took her to the same place that I took Landon for his first haircut, Family Fun Cutz.  It's a place here in Omaha that is geared just for kids.  They get to pick from a plethora of different fun cars to sit in and they get to watch any movie they want.  Funny, but when Sydney saw all the different cars to sit in, she originally went for the princess car.  After she looked around, she actually decided to sit in the Lightning McQueen car.  The same one Landon sat in 4 years ago!

Before:  Shaggy little Sydney checking out all the buttons on Lightning.

She watched Cinderella.  She sat still and really didn't move around that much.  The girl cutting her hair was so patient and sweet.  She even gave her a pretty braid and some "fairy dust" when she was done.  Sydney loved it and talked about the fairy dust to anyone that would listen.  It couldn't have gone better. :)

Thank goodness for the movie, right?? 

Here you can see the "fairy dust" aka glitter.  It took a couple of baths, but it finally came out.  Whatever makes them happy, right? ;)

After:  I couldn't have been prouder of her!  She even got her favorite thing for sitting really still...a lollipop!

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