Sunday, February 3, 2013

The official start of the dreaded "terrible 2's"

Time flies, right?  How can our precious little girl already be 2?!  It's unbelievable how fast kids grow up!

So, we had a birthday party to celebrate Sydney.  She was super excited about her party.  She helped me pick out what kind of party she wanted to have and I told her that her friends were going to come over and bring her presents.  Of course she was excited about the presents.  Then I told her that she was going to have cake and we were going to sing Happy Birthday to her, and that just added to her excitement.

Our friend's little girl, Roslyn, had her birthday a week before Sydney's.  We went there for her party and Sydney kept saying "Happy Birthday to me!".  I had to keep telling her that her birthday was next weekend, but she's two and didn't understand, so we just giggled every time she said it. :)

We kept it small this year.  I'm starting to loathe birthday parties and I didn't want a ton of people in my house.  We only invited 5 families and it ended up that only a couple of them could make it.  Everyone was fighting off colds or other illnesses and didn't want to share anything.  Thank goodness!  So, it was us, our friends Pyper and Brad, and the little ones, Nevin and Roslyn.  Just what I wanted...small.  I think the saying "ask and you shall receive" works in this situation. :)  We did a Minnie Mouse theme and here's some of the pictures that I took...

I made cupcakes this year.  I kept it simple.

Cute little Nevin.  I love that kids smile!

Roslyn is the sweetest little girl.  She LOVES playing with Landon and Sydney.  She's such a good friend.

We set the picnic table up in the middle of the kitchen for the kids to eat.  We had Sydney's favorite:  PB&Js, fruit salad, pretzels, and I made ham & cheese pasta salad.  YUM!

This was my meager attempt to getting a picture of everyone together.  Sydney decided she didn't want to sit with everyone and started throwing a fit and crying.  At least Nevin is looking at the camera! :)

Landon thought Sydney's fit was funny, but Roslyn was not okay with it.  She was very concerned and was saying "Sydney fell on the floor" in her sweet little Roslyn voice.

Next, we did presents.  Sydney was really excited about the presents and opened them all herself.  Roslyn got her some hair bows (which she desperately needed) and Nevin got her some princess underwear and a cute towel with her name on it.

Roslyn was trying to give Sydney the scroll that had some money in it for her piggy bank.  Sydney was just interested in the cute bows.

I've never seen a little girl so excited over underwear before!  She was so excited about it and just smiled and smiled over them. :)  It's the little things people!

Sydney likes her junk food.  Her favorites right now are M&Ms, ice cream and of course, cake.  She really liked when everyone sang to her, but hadn't had enough practice with blowing out the candles.  She did pretty good, but she needed some help from dad to get them out completely.

She was too busy being cute that she didn't even notice when Dad helped her blow out the candles.

She was bummed when she looked down and they weren't lit anymore. ;)

I think Nevin just liked the icing. :)

We had fun hanging out with the kids and they had fun playing with all the toys.

On Sydney's actual birthday, we did the candle thing again and she ended up blowing the candle out herself. Over and over.  She wanted me to keep lighting it, so I humored her. :)

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